I can see my destination
I can hear my call,
No more hesitation
I’m moving forward,
I can feel the penetration
Of the strong wind moving me,
And I can feel the elevation
Of an angel within me.

I know where this road is leading
For God is guiding,
I won’t stop dreaming
For I smell my beginning,
I am forever hoping
For faith is my freeing,
I’ve stopped crying
For God has wiped dry my tears
He removed all my fears.

God is so good
For when I feel drained
When I can’t walk

He carries me,
And in the midst of my battles
When all my hope was gone
Just when I felt all alone
God showed his light upon me

He promised never to leave me,
For he is in me
He is everywhere
His name is Yahweh
The I am that I am

The beginning and the end
The first and the last
The rose of Sharon
He is all the stars in the sky
He is that mountain peak up high
He is that little bit of hope

When all seems tough,
He is that lion
Down in the jungle
Oh! The lion of Judah.
He is taking me to my destination