Like a dark cloud over the sun
Evil creeps in…
I feel the forces of good and bad
Fighting, tearing my heart into two opposite parts…
Stuck between righteousness and wickedness
I try my best to be strong but sometimes I become weak…
Finding myself drowned in sin but I always swim back to surface
I’m a sinner, Lord forgive me and give me more strength…
So that I’ll always be strong and resistant
He lived and died

From birth
To death
He passed like a closed letter casted to flames
Like words the mute wanted to release verbally
And impossibles created by our own imaginations

But he lived
Though not to meet the sun and moon
As he counted his first breathes he also succumbed to his last
Eyes naturally shut he felt her from a distance
His own mother fading into labour pains
He felt her smile just as he used to feel her stress
While inside of her
While he was conceived by her

For the seconds his heart raced slow paced
He longed to sight her face and raise his tiny hand
To try reach for her melting eyes and wipe those tears
But late had come early
For strength he didn’t have
He had spent in proving to expects that he was a healthy one

But they had been deceived by that cry
As they left him in his weary mother’s arms
Where he rested for the first and last time
For this rain drop the clouds were close to the surface of water
And its falling journey was rather short

He died
He left
All those loved ones he had never met
But even more
He left sadness in the heart of a loving mother
He came and left
Empty handed
No dreams
No hopes
No doubts
No nothing
Not even the will to survive
He lived and died.