My own definition of a Beauty Queen
Is not only about looks, best smile, catwalk kind of movement
It’s all about brains, a woman with clear vision, objectives, goals and good ideas
A woman who’s able to make decisions and action
That woman to me is a real beauty Queen

I don’t need any proof nor approval of thousands of people
I just need to see for myself
I believe in seeing more than hearing

My own Beauty Queen is not only somebody with a melodious voice
A personnel that can speak English fluently and with big terms
But a person who can positively be able to inspire and encourage people
Through her words, a person who can be able to guide, mentor and
influence success of others through her work
Words are powerful but actions are more robust

My own Beauty Queen is not only a personnel with the best evening gown
Best figure or outer perfect looks and the best hairstyle but a
person who is able to build other people’s confidence and self-esteem
A person who can mould others into true beauty Queens
for queens is needed to change the world
What’s your definition of a true beauty queen?