If I ever do become a writer
One Isabel Pritchard pens
A letter to her 8C teacher
At Oaklands High 1992

Thanking her for having
Faith in her promising
To dedicate her first book to her

Yet another bit of history
Unearthed in our household
In between and betwixt Africa
And Youth Months

If I ever do become a writer
For that is what I wish to be
A dreamer too she says
Sounds like teacher’s
John Lennon influence

When she writes she feels
As if she is giving a part
Of herself away

Did she follow her passion,
Her dream in some way
Educating and encouraging

She stops herself
I will have to end it,
She says dramatically,
Before her letter turns
Into a novel

Ending with something
Her tea-drinkingly English
Teacher quoted

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
Which cannot fly

Did she stop herself?
Or did she hold fast and fly