Let me get deep and share what I wish.
I wish you could stop to read this.
Your mind will go deep like the depth of an ocean.
I wish you could live in my mind and understand why I write so much.
I wish my life was on the right track; I hope I won’t crash.
I learn about life and I wish I knew the date of my last day.
I wish I knew God at an early age so I could understand his ways.
I wish God could forgive Lucifer, so we could live happily ever after.
In every painful fight in life, I wish I could bring my mother.
I wish I never had these wishes in my mind.
I wish to replace my heart ’cause this one is torn apart.
The world turns round, while my mind gets deeper every night.
I write what I feel; I wish you could relate to the words I use.
Sometimes I wish to see God because the Bible is so confusing.
I wish we can all love each other for the sake of one another.
I think a lot; I wish I could reach the journey of my consciousness.
Personally I wish to control the universe so I can bring peace upon us.
I wish everyone were financially rich so we don’t see the pain of the homeless kids.
We now kill for money; I wish we never used it in the first place.
One day I hope you’ll forgive your enemy and let the past rest.
Your life is in motion; I wish you could reach the end in peace.
Positivity is one of the seeds in life; I wish you can hold it forever.
I wish you could see and love what is true in yourself.