Good memories rust.
Bad ones stay just.

I’m still vast but
I’m out of gas,
Though time runs fast
on its quest, I’m always its guest.

I once was the present,
I enjoyed the currents,
it was pleasant,
It’s still fragrant, though
it faded.
Time is a tyrant,
or is it a facade?

I break earth,
I mould the future,
I pave the path,
I craft tomorrow.

I come to a cessation,
It’s a sensational stop,
I will never taste this creation,
I can’t go on and on,
It’s all left behind,
The aftermath is beyond.

I collapse,
I’m different when I relapse.
I can’t be what I should,
I can’t hold what I once could.

I’m drowning,
I try to stay afloat;
I’m falling,
I try to stay aloft.
These days are pale.