It may be not easy to say this
but I just got to say it anyway
as you know I once said it as a
joke but I love you and it may
be not easy for you to believe
it but I really mean it.

If I got to wait just tell me to
because I’ve been trying to
show you that I really do but
just don’t make me trying so
hard so that you can see
what I go through.

I love you what else I got to do
or say because I’ve been trying
and if I got to sacrifice my dignity
let me just do because tonight I
want you to understand that.

Tell me what I shall do to see
that I love you! Shall I wait or
what because I just can’t wait
for you to be mine anyway
know that I mean every word
I’ve just said above I will wait
until I spend the rest of my life
with you and if I have to then
I will wait for you.