I remember the war in my country.
It was so hard for my family to move out of the country
because of finances.

I remember my first day in primary school in Rwanda –
the new language, Kinyarwanda, was so hard to speak
but I swore to myself that I would do it.

I remember my first date.
I used to be afraid of my girlfriend and so embarrassed in front of her.
But I got used to it.

I remember my first trip to South Africa.
The journey was so hard for me and my brother.
I will never forget it.

I remember my first school at Pechet High school.
I didn’t know even one word in English
Which was so hard for me and my brother.

I remember how hard it was to communicate with my schoolmates,
but it was so wonderful because I just tried – even if the words were wrong.
I wasn’t frightened to try and I became popular.

I remember my first job.
I met good chefs who helped me a lot up until now.
I am on a high level because of them.

I remember the time my first daughter was born.
It was a beautiful moment.
My daughter became the most beautiful woman in my life.