“Memories are tortures and joys from our past”

My past was truly damned, too bad to say but the truth is, no pain no regret. I just seek forgiveness. I truly made many innocent people suffer, I did it all without knowing or maybe I did know but I never cared. I was truly a notorious bully. My classmates didn’t dare me, juniors were scared of me, and the seniors didn’t cross my line.

My lane was sacred, nobody tried to cross the line, my kind of bullying was quite unbelievable, ‘a glass-wearing naughty, prank nerd’, it’s hard to believe that the most intelligent boy in school, can be a bully. It was hard for the teachers to believe my victims, pretty hard to believe that a junior boy, that has been representing the school at senior level, was a bully.

I was an emperor of my lone kingdom, I was truly feared, I did naughty but special things, I didn’t beat, I didn’t injure, I just played pranks and did witty torture. Indeed, I was a bully but I’m using this opportunity now to ask for forgiveness from my victims.