I remember when we first met, I was taken aback by your smile,
Years later, I finally cried as you walked down that isle,
I once told my best friend that love is built and trust is gained

And I’ll walk into both with you but I must refrain,
From showing sides that the wife will see one day,
Macho man, but today I cry in front of my bae.

My Caldera,
My reddest rose,
I have seen and picked many,
But it is you I chose

To spend my life with,
To make kids,
I wrote this script aged twenty,
And placed myself as your sidekick

I wrote this before I had laid my eyes on you,
One of my many schemes,
This is my proudest one,
Because I have finally fulfilled a feat
I had never imagined in my wildest dreams

But until then I will continue to labour in this fantasy
For I have no money, title nor qualification to my name
Yet I long for the day we meet
I hope you feel the same