I have known you all my life
And you are the one I wanna make my wife
You always are there when I need you the most
I am what I am today because of your boost
To tell you the truth, you are the one I don’t wanna lose

I wanna tie the knot
But firstly let me clean my closet
I know I have been hurting you, like forever
But you forgave me, even when you cried

I have cheated on you, that was my fever
I have broken your heart several times
I have told you lies, but you never said goodbye
Even when I saw that I deserved hell
You always overcame the situation by saying

“It’s fine, Syethemba Dizzmar, I remember the first day
I fell in love with you, I promised my heart to stay
Baby, I wanna share my life with you.”
Those are the words you used to say.

I admit now I never loved a woman like I love you.

I wanna tie the knot
But firstly give me your ears
And open your heart
We have been together for years now
And you loved me with no fear
By doing that I take off my hat
I never thought a 14-year-old girl
Could give me so much love
Well, you were a 14-year-old girl back then

You proved in so many ways
That you love me
But I never noticed
You fought back till you won my heart
Now I have to spit it out
That I used to undermine you
Back then because of your age
But I was surprised to get a mature mind
And a matured woman inside you

I may not know how to love
But to me you are love itself
I used to see many relationships
That don’t last forever
But to ours you’re the un-shakeable rock

I’m grateful to have you in my life
I am so sorry for all the wrongs I did
And for all the wrong people I bedded
But you have to know that you’re the one I dig
I wanna tie the knot
But firstly let me bow and humble myself

To cut a long story short baby
My sweetness, Queen, Drocolicious lady
Wow my exquisite flower
“Will you marry me,
And make me a man amongst the men
As you used to?