A Happy Mandela Day
Listeners get to hear
From SAFM radio early
On this said day
(There are the doubters
who say they won’t)

Is it any different
From Happy Women’s Day
Which does not stop
Our assault on women
And children too?

I surprise myself
Chess for 67 minutes
Out at our local library

Some staff are out feeding
Hungry stomachs, hopefully
Hopefully intellects too

My day-before crew
Does not arrive at the time
Enthusiastic as they were
So I hang about until
Others join in and play

No sin for 67 minutes
No delinquency for 67 minutes
No corruption for 67 minutes
No smoking even

I surprise myself
As I too am sceptical
Of one day in the life
But hen carrying on
Business as usual

Business as usual
Handing out and hand-outs
Doing the feel-good
For the self-seeking selfie
and the coffee table memoirs
I surprise myself