I still remember
it was December.
I’ve moved on
but I still remember what you did.
There’s a part of me that’s still hurting,
but I forgave you.

But I still remember the tears I cried because of you,
the pain I felt because of your actions.
I still ask myself what were your intentions?
Because you said you didn’t mean to hurt me, yet I felt pain.

I still remember the names you use to call me.
Funny how I wondered if you were correct
but now I don’t even care.
One thing I do care about is:
Will I ever love someone like I loved you?

I still remember what you said the last time I saw you.
You said I was cold as ice,
sour as lime.
You told me I would never look ‘fine’
for anyone.

You stole the most important things from me.
You committed a crime.
You stole the trust and love
I had for males.

You were selfish,
you were clueless about the thing called love.
I moved on
but I still remember.
I’m not crying at all.
I fell
and rose.

I still remember the lesson you taught me.
You said, “The greatest gift we are given in life is choice,
the power to choose, change and create our paths.”
Remembering doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on,
trying to forget the past means you won’t move on.
Choice is the greatest gift we were given, use it wisely.