I remember when I was doing matric,
I was always the highest in my class,
I felt vital and more brilliant than anyone else.

I remember when I left home to go to varsity
My parents were not happy
because it was my first time staying away from home.

I remember my first day at varsity (Westville UKZN).
Students were striking about NSFAS
I was confused because I had never been in a strike before.

I remember a funny thing
Some of them didn’t even know
what they were striking for.

I remember asking one of the students, “Nhlanhlo what are you guys striking for?”
And she said, “I don’t know but I am striking but I have not even started attending lectures,
so the strike gives me time to catch up on my studies.”

I remember my first test results from Westville were so horrible
I did not even want to show my mom because she was gonna be so disappointed.
I remember when my mom told me to fight for whatever I want in life.