I remember the day I went to school for the first time.
I remember the joy on my first day.
I remember I cried in front of my teacher and wanted my mom.
I remember the song “Imvula Imvula.”
I remember when I learnt how to write my name.
I remember when I had to name all the months of the year.
I remember when my teacher taught me the days of week.
I remember the time I had to know all the 12 months in isiXhosa.
I remember when I had to know the ABC’s.

I remember my mom shouting at me because of the dirt on me.
I remember my friend Xola.
I remember the games we played.
I remember the love my teacher gave us.
I remember the big warm welcome my teacher gave us.


This piece of writing was created as part of the WritingMe Writing Clubs with Sophumelela High School, Western Cape. Find out more here.