I remember wallowing alone without a friend.
I remember sitting alone during break time
While others were laughing and enjoying high school with their friends.

I remember the pain of being left out and being lonely.
I remember that I shed those moments of boredom.
I remember talking to myself
Asking myself “Is there something wrong with me?”

I remember going to the bathroom and sitting there all alone in shame because I had no one else.
I remember those times when I thought of school I would just feel like dying.
I remember the pain of having no one.

I remember the times I would have conversations with myself in the bathroom and cry.
I remember when God finally remembered me and took me out of my shame and sorrows.
I remember when I smiled for the first time because an angel came my way.
I remember the moments we shared together.
I remember those times.


This piece of writing was created as part of the WritingMe Writing Clubs with Sophumelela High School, Western Cape. Find out more here.