I remember it clearly
It stays in my mind so clear
All those old days
When our parents came here for work
They were hard days indeed
They are unforgettable indeed

I remember it clearly
Our moms were called girls
Working hard in the kitchen
Our dads were called boys
Working hard in the garden
I just can imagine that

I remember it clearly
As if I was there
The future taught in a foreign language
A seemingly-impossible wall to break
Innocent blood spilt
Oppressors afraid of what could be

I remember it clearly
As if I was there
Oppressors made almost everywhere their territory
We were far from having even the slightest bit of glory
Inferiority was our dominant trait
And superiority made clear to be theirs

Things changed early nineties
When the old man was unchained
Later his comrades, who were detained
We started to feel like humans again
We started to enjoy life again
And then the good days began

I remember it clearly
For now I was there.