These are daggers that can inflict
Immortal pains forever, these pains
Can rule our souls each time they
Pass our thoughts, the aching elevates.

Each time we meet the source, tears
Of the soul would reign they are
Sparks that can light flames of joy
Which can forever last as they burn
Within our thoughts, smiles would
Rule every moment they are poems

We write and songs we sing they
Are in belittling and heroic names
We are called with they swim in
Promises made honoured and broken
in them, they lie so immortal
It’s the soul and heart they would
haunt and uplift words never die!

Because of them, we remember our heroes
Because of them, we know our enemies
Because of them, we make friends
Even in death, to them we relate
Because of words they uttered

Because of them, we have legends
Through them, they have life
Because of them, wars are born,
Fought and won words never die!