I never asked to be ugly
I never asked to be misshaped
I never asked to be poor
I never asked to be in the situation I’m in today…
I was born in them
…so please do not judge me
All I need is your love, not your judgments…
Your support, not your intimidation…
Your acceptance, not your arrogance
I am a person just like you
I need respect and love as much as you do
…so please love me
Respect me
Accept me
With that, only that
You can change my life
You can change my perspective towards life
You can make my future shine bright again
You can remove all the negativity…
And bring back positivity,
Joy and dignity in my life

So please give me that love
Only a little. I will appreciate it
It’ll make a huge difference in me.
With love you can change people’s lives for the better including mine…
Love is all we need…
Love conquers all
“Amòr vincint òmnia”