You’re standing right in front of me,
Deserting me, leaving me.
But I’m in so much need of your love.
Ne dignity angina msebenzi nayo
(I don’t even care about my dignity).
I’m going down on my knees,
Begging you, pleading with you.
Please don’t leave me, please.
I need your love so much
I don’t know a “me” without a “you”
I can’t imagine a single step if it ain’t with you.

Heaven knows how much I need your love.
I need to be your favourite.
Without you I am nothing,
Never did I learn to master anything except
Pleasing you.
Hence you can’t leave me.
I need your love.
Your leaving is my dying.
Uma ungiyeka ngyogcwala umuzi njenge ntuthu
(if you leave me I will be all over the place like smoke).
Without you, I am finished.
And more than this little long glass of wine;
I need your love!