What an ambassador is she.
A true living soul of them all.
A sacrificer, a warrior, a fighter
A shoulder to cry on, a good mother.

My eyes overflow with tears when I think of her.
I plan my trajectory because of her presence.
Her heart is like a home to those who are neglected and forsaken.
Oh how she never hesitated to show me love.
A mother to five children, a mother of the nation.

Oh how she was discriminated against
And underestimated by her enemies,
Still she never gave up.
In her arms I feel the comfort.
With her mouth she speaks wise words.
With her hands she fixes the broken.

Mme Motswadi how can I live without her
Even the holy bibles states
Honor your mother and father so that you may have eternal life.
In her I’ll receive blessings, she is a darling.

Goods and material cannot buy her love nor money itself.
One day she will notice that she is loved
Oh heavenly father bless me so that I can repay her hard work
Oh mama forgive me for my past I was tempted to do so
But I am back on my sense.
Mother’s love can not be replaced nor bought.