Let me take a nap so I could flow
Through dreams like a stream.
Let me close my eyes so i could feel
How deep is the love I have for you.
I miss you Bridgette.

I fell through my thoughts.
I felt the pain on my wound pores.
My mind never stopped to think of you.
My heart always go on.
I miss you Bridgette.

For a distance we fell on.
Never brought change for the love i had for you.
Still my heart feel the same way.
I miss you every single day.
My Queen Bridgette.

I tried to forget about everything we fell on.
I tried to push you to that far.
I tried to wipe all our memories we shared together.
I tried even to held myself.
But nothing changed, yet I still miss my Edgette.

I bit off more than I could chew
When I let you to a distance.
I kept being in my own hurtful world.
Never thought i could miss you one day.
And yet today i miss you Bridgette.

Dreams are the best reminders
Of a single memory we shared together.
My mind never missed a single spot without missing you.
My heartbeats are still counting love i have for you.
I miss you Bridgette.

Can’t we together let our love back to the drawing board?
Can’t we together let our names back to the page?
Can’t we together be called Bridson-Edgette again?
Can’t we together call each other ‘my love’ once more?
I miss you Bridgette.