Fathers fell in the ages of stones,
Then I was given names by companions.
In me there grew a pain none could see,
As I watched back in the days,
Others were bought Christmas gifts,
While I sat back, with burning wishes

I recall slowly, the path itself was a war
With that little hope I grew, daily.
Every day storms would sneak in
The little shelter that Momma gave us
I watched as she swam in pains and coldness
With love protecting us her cubs
Oh dear Mommy, indeed love was only you

I knew nothing of bread and bacon,
That steak and burger were all I wished to taste,
But my wishes died a painful death.
As I watched the children from the neighbourhood
Jollying at the corners of my streets
Wearing joy with warmth of seeing their dear dads
Ascending from Jozi

I came from nothing
The very same place I was born,
Where the richest played kings
And we the poor watched with grief
That same place I was raised,
But in return it swallowed my grandparents
And my uncle

Do you know that pain endured,
I watched families vanish with deaths unknown
But nothing I could do after all.
The pain of pains was watching my mom
Stolen away from me
But I was a toddler then
I carried the pain by heart
But I made myself a solemn vow
To never back down no matter what