I have never felt like this for anyone
Butterflies in my stomach creep me out,
thinking of you brings me tears.
I don’t know why

Tears of joy perhaps
The love I feel for you
is enormously undescribed

You’re my soulmate in my heart
Jelly me but I can’t say right to you
You’re my all, you’ve loved me on my worst days

Tolerated my flaws and mending my heart.
It was shattered before you but how you loved me,
none can relate

You love me in my worst mood swings
in my short temper & attitude
and yet you love me unquestionably so

But what did I do to deserve you?
Boy! I think Mommy in Heaven
gave me you. You’re soft just like my late mom

I look at you, and see her
I loved her…and forever will
And I love you.
I don’t know why I shed tears
but you’re the sword in my heart

How you love me
and how I now feel for you hurts me.
Never felt for any guy but you.

Only you get me,
You accept me,
You resonate with me and
Respect me unconditionally.
It’s strange yet love

Goosebumps when I think of you
Oh man, I Love You.
I can’t describe the feeling
but my heart beats a million times for you.

Love me forever
Make me your Queen as in fairytale movies.
Be my happy ending, my Prince charming
& maybe my King

Lend me your hand
I want to place my heart onto it
Feel its heartbeat!!
That go!! go!! go!!
Slowly when it beats is real and all for you

I love you
Carry on treating me right
Like the Princess I am
and I’ll love you more and more
nonetheless you love me unquestionably
and unbelievably.
Each day is a dream with you

Wake me up, this lalaland seems real.
I’m not dreaming, am I?
If I am, I’m better that way
I love you!
Be my joy and forever I’ll smile at you,
my peace for endeavors know I’ll calm down
because you and my love for happiness
is what you pour into my heart

Thank you for loving me and once again
I Love you.
I love you for loving me
teary, baggy, disrespectful, ungrateful and angry.
Love me eternally.