i went to him
and he said
the look on
your face tells
me that you have
a heavy heart i

said to him the
river has threatened
the ocean it has
forgotten its source
he said to me

the rhythm of your
words breaks my
heart i said i am
afraid the words
i might say

might turn against
me i have wronged
the world i have
forgotten the meaning of
life he said to me

only the mind that
speaks for the heart
and he said speak your
mind my child every
cloud has a sliver lining
i said father i am lost he said
every rose has its thorn

father i am bemused, no my child i am here
we do not suffer illness when the doctor is
around i said father you speak in parables
yes my child for a wise man knows proverbs
and sometimes we will water the thorns for the
sake of roses because life has given us reasons to

and again he said my child life is not what you think
it is, i said father i am lost he said he who can’t dance
will say the drum is bad blame not your sweetness