I just wanna ask.
Couldn’t you have asked somebody else?
Or did you this I’d be jealous?
Or did you not know that she’s my cousin?

I don’t know whether its respect that you don’t have
Or if that’s the way you are,
Because we all brought up with respect and to show it.
I really don’t know your back ground.

Maybe you were raised by a single parent
Or maybe one or both of them were drunkards.
Ngaba indlela oziphethe ngayo, ayilunganga.
Indlela ozibonisa ngayo, kwayona ayilunganga.

Did you think that I’d be jealous?
No I needed to get my life back.
I needed to be me again
And leave you behind.

I know I wasn’t the only one on the list,
At least for both of us it’s minus one problem.
Why did it have to be me that end things?
Maybe it was just for the best.

Mhlawumbi you didn’t know that she’s my cousin,
Even so I’m not angry at anyone either is it bothering me.
Because now my life is back on track.
I just wanted to ask.