I can feel the outskirts of your soul moving away from me.
I can tell your heart is divided into two,
And Baby I know I don’t own the bigger part.
Each night you let me sleep in your bed, watching my innocence and testing it.
You make me a fool in front of your friends for calling you babe.
They laugh at and then look at me. I’m stupid ain’t I?
You keep taking my love for granted. I’m losing my patience.
For this, I won’t let you in my bed tonight.
Not so you can text him with me sleeping next you.
What kind of foul love is this?
Why do you play in the dirt with our vows?
Why do you make loving me hard?
I won’t let you in today.
I’m letting you stay in the rain, maybe he’ll come for you.
Because tonight I’m sleeping only with my broken heart.
I’m fixing my love for someone else.
Because you are already fixed onto him.
But still I don’t get why you still call me baby when you’re moving away.