Since from the word go we fell together,
Dimensionally, I turned to be an oaf.
Affections pulled my nose hither and thither.
Such that they knocked my socks off.

I turned to be a hatemonger to couples.
I turned my back to hate.
I felt the pain of a bursting pimple.
I tried to ameliorate my affections.

‘Love is like a rhythmical beat
From the bottom of a heart,
That dimensionally led my meditations to dance on.’
For all intents and purposes, i hate loving you!

I started not giving a tinker’s cuss about your reactions.
From dawn to dusk, i followed my heart for loneliness.
I wouldn’t hurt a fly, so i will fell in a progression.
I may ameliorate temperament though I’m toneless.

The day i met you it was a cold day in hell.
Neither the day existed on our memories.
Hatred had evoked a memorable memories of pain.
Furthermore, for all intents and purposes, I hate loving you!