A taxi from Umtata arrived late
At Johannesburg park station rank
Everyone knew which way to go
One by one, they all disappeared.
My destination then grown desolate
I was new in a strange place.

I carried my heavy bag and started to walk
Involuntarily my heart started to talk
“Lucky being new in a strange place sucks,”
“You might lose your life or your few bucks,”
One street light went off as I was passing
My heart involuntarily stopped its lecturing.

I started to run without direction
In search of a hideout for protection.
My smartphone was battery dead
Tonight… I have been seriously misled.
My intelligence was nowhere to be found
To help me out of the unsound.

Being new in a strange place
Made me feel dumb.
On the bridge, my run I succumbed.
Anything coming my way I was prepared.
So cold and lonely, I missed my birthplace.
Unfortunately life doesn’t have a backspace.

Being new in a strange place
Led me into resting under a bridge.
So vulnerable, I missed my cottage.
There was no way I could skip that night
That night… nothing felt right.
I slept in a strange place.