I’m in love deeper in the sea
Indeed I got love degree
If is not he is she
They say is blind but I see
Her face is the same shade of gold as KFC
We get along together unlike EFF and ANC

My intention on her is to never hurt
Someone questioned me “what are you talking about”
I am talking about the winner of all my awards
The queen of my heart
I’m unable to explain her but she is smart
She is precious more than any art
Indeed she is my part
Nothing will put us apart

They can say I’m attracted by her hips
While she is my herb to heal
I got her, I will never be ill
I’m sorry I can’t maintain what I feel
She is clean the opposite of landfill
She is unique and simple like going down a hill
If I have to kneel for her I will

I asked her with worry
She didn’t say sorry
And my heart got no sorrow
Don’t be surprised tomorrow
She is the one I will marry.

BLDT from poetry is my life