Shivering and shaking I feel dried as a dog bone
I tried to cuddle, but realised I was alone
I tries to call for help but no one was on the phone
So I started drinking my tea with a straw

I tried and tried but it didn’t work
I saw plastics there I grappled a pack
I covered myself, someone asked, “What the heck?”
That’s when I got into a sack

For a minute I felt warm but a little wind took it all
I started singing and praying to the Lord
And he led me into a house (I didn’t knock)
Amazed, surprised a pile of blankets I couldn’t see
It was dark and so I fell

Just then the owner came
I started shaking and I hid
But finally he saw me
He beat me with a cane
So that’s why I’ll always hide outside
For the wind to never find me