The truth is what lies
Beneath the depths of the Marianas Trench.
It is what you have to pull and wrench
Out of the jaws of the liars we call our leaders.
It calls out for the ones willing to endure
The journey not even fit for a “moor” to travel
With distractions placed on the journey to dazzle,
To entice the weak with greed and fake needs,
To keep the weak deaf with abstract things, such as fees.
The lies are the hive and we are the bee.
The Truth beckons
To all those who once saw its angelic tone,
Drowning in the ocean of hatred and feeling alone-
Placed in little boxes, our little zones,
The ones who were supposed to seek the truth
Instead found lies and respected the sound of all the fatalities.
In a world full of casualties of all shapes and sizes it is not a surprise
That the pit stop turned into the destination that
Left only the adventurers to brave the seven seas
To find
That the truth is waiting
One day we will know its voice.
We are in the phase of darkness
But, for every dusk there is a dawn.