I can’t basically beg someone
But you, I can’t just give you up
Not now please I am pleading with you
I was the one who stood up
And asked you to join the study group
So let me talk on my behalf
Have you had enough of me?

This is term 4, the hardest part for any student
Please Thandile I need your help
Without you I am running water
I am in need of your intelligence

I can’t deny the fact that you’re clever
You are my manpower, my driving force
Can you please be touched
And show your humanity.

My tears can’t stop falling
Because I am hurt, really
You are fortunately way ahead
But then it can all be fine
If this is your choice

Would you leave me in pain?
Would you leave me unbearable?
Would you leave me in misery?
I don’t have the guts to let you go