As I look back at what was and what is today
I feel like you neglected me
I see myself falling into a hole
And only you can save me
But you choose to run away
With nothing but fear in your eyes
Scared that you would let me slip

My heart has always made a space for your presence
But you never came back to fill it
Why did you walk out on me?
Why did you forget your own creation?
I want to scream
I hope you hear my pain as I call out your name
I wish you could have given me the love I needed

I still cry over you
I still look at the door with hope
Hear a knock and wish it is you
I know I’m old now
But I still need my father’s love

I hope you wonder how my life has been
Or how I’m really doing
Opposed to what I’m saying to the people around me
One day I pray you get to read this poem
And feel me as I am pouring my heart out
I don’t wear my heart on sleeves
But you can see it all in writing
Hope you’re still breathing

I’m not mad,
I’m just sad that you never took the time
To see where my life will end

Yours truly
Your first born, so I think.