Well-armed with good character.
Soul, body and skilled min
Experienced most sort of
Torturing in life.

I’ve been heated, bend,
Burnt, bumped, queezed,
As a steel making in a
Furnace. Because I am
Ready to be the hunter.

My own ancestors were Hunters.
Hunting animals in the bush.
Hunting for the wealthy land.
Hunting for their own independence.
Hunting for their own King Dom.
Simply because are hunters by

I am also the hunter in this
Century of mine.The passionate
Hunter like Mzilikazi Ka-Mashobane.
Yes! I am the general of the hunters.
I hunt in my own way unlike my fore
Fathers. Though I share the passion
And the winning spirit in common.
Because I am the real hunter.

My commander in Chief on this
Hunting journey is GOD.
I hunt to restore love, peace
And faith in His name.
I hunt to activate inner peace and joy.
I hunt with the mission to reach,
His mercy and wear GOD’s presence.

I hunt to touch people’s heart in
Their given, living lives with word