Covid 19 has started as a small un effective fiver
Where’s people took you as a joke
They made jokes of you killer disease they laughed at you
Not knowing they gonna loose love ones
Here they are crying for their mothers and sisters that are no longer living
Because they lived in a dark world of believing in
That you are a
They laughed the president of the world addressing the nation about you killer disease
They never took you serious
They were told to wear protective material they made jokes of what was told to them
Not knowing they are being helped to run away from the serial killer
They did not hear you coming they were busy dancing through day and night
Some of the people are now dead
And some are sick
They are now believing the unbelievable deseas
They are now in shock
Trying to find the remedies to help heal them
And it’s now too late their own immune system is rejecting them
Crying out loud
Seeking for help
Let us not take things slowly
Let us help our brothers and sisters knw that this is a serious
Matter of death let
Us follow the instructions so we can help all the
People of the nation strive Nd say death be not proud
Stop the lacking
Of information help
The helpers decrease the number of death in the country and in the nation
Am your sister crying out loud for
Your hearing Let’s all fight together ♥️