I am Bold and Beautiful
I am the next Generation not just any generation
I am that Generation which is going to build the legacy and that is Isthembiso I’m making
I will earn respect just like Ukumkani

I recite Poetry in front of Skeem Saam it is just the three of us and everywhere we go we leave a huge mark
We cause Scandal
I will always appreciate the love and support I get from Umphakathi

The river and its creature know my voice because I stand on top of the mountain reciting to the creatures
I look at myself in the river reciting
Kasi lam will always be Kasi lam
There’s this laughter that brings memories
Memories of happiness
Memories of sadness
I must say “Gomora Haaa Haa”
Because behind the laughter there’s a story to tell

I used to look up to them but today they look up to me as they bow down and say “Kgosigadi Ya Poko, Mmarona”
According to them I deserve The Throne
Today when they look at me they say “Zeerust’s got talent”
In the nearest future they will be saying “SA’s Got Talent”
And if Utatakho was here nkabe are “Ke ipela ka wena Ngwanaka” but then he abandoned Igazi lakhe
I am the Queen
One day I mean one day I will run this Poetry Industry!

I’am all Soapies!