A crescent appeared in the eyes of a minion from a distance
Shiny as gold, reflecting light as a diamond.
The confusion punched as a smooth Indian-Pacific wave,
Dream battling with a reality,
Eyes picked up what the mind wasn’t familiar with.

He said
“Oh, ooh – is this being at ease or heaven?
Oh, ooh – is this what the Holy book called peace land?
If it is, then this is the creature
That the creator has created for the minion.
If it is, then I shall not have my heart lambasted by anxiety.”

The poor minion, climbing Mount Everest –
The crescent seeming to be getting closer it.
Heart filled with Antarctic conditions,
Eyes turned like those of a chameleon,
Thoughts in a battlefield, feelings caught cold,
Life took a pause, the World went quiet but
The lion in him had a powerful roar, it had him going
To where, he doesn’t know.

Dreams, dreams, dreams…
A rose, shiny as gold, reflecting light as a diamond, it got him.
From a distance he never thought of it,
Innocent it seemed, harmless it appeared, but venomous it was.
Oh! My heart, oh! My heart, oh!

The poor minion, blanked by gold,
Deceived by a diamond, bitten by a rose.
Crescent gone, only tears and a lesson left for him
Sad he was. Healing is his next journey.