Fundiswa… ewe Fundiswa you can hear me
I am your inner voice
I’m telling you not to let them put you down
Don’t let them win
Please be patient and trust God
You know it’s worth it
I get that you don’t have patience like you grandmother
And that’s okay
But please, you know who you are
You know what makes you, builds and destroys you

I know sometimes it gets hard
And you just can’t take it
But please hold on it will get better
Things are gonna be just fine
I love you and you know that

Then trust me
I know you when you feel like you can’t take it
Play that music you know gets you up
And tells you your ass can do it
You will achieve it
You know you will do it
So don’t be afraid, Jesus has your hand
They can’t break you but those who can will encourage you Remember your idols Justin Bieber always tells you to believe
And Chris Brown said keep you head up
I know I am Fundiswa Zokufa
They will know my name