I am alive, I can live
I can smile, and go miles.
What about those who can’t
Those who shouldn’t
Have gone through certain pains
And those who went through heavy rains.

I am alive to my fullest capacity
What about those, it wasn’t their tendency
To be the way they are, I see no difference
And though we have no reference
To be judgemental, I say we are unique
If you live to compare then you weak.

Let me say we are alive as a hive
Who wants to tell me that they strive for death?
Sleep at night wishing not to see the morning?
Laid to rest leaving us mourning
Some didn’t get enough love, some brave
Some were saved, some were surrounded by depraved

Some went through all the suicidal thoughts
But are still alive, you know why?
The person who made them alive
Knows their life expectancy
But some left, they took a short left
Some were bullied, killed, pilled, raped, stabbed, abused and a
Whole lot of reasons why they left

Who is left?
Me and you
We have a duty on this earth
We have an opportunity to take any path
So be proud to be alive
Bear the pain, and live
To gain.
Life is never too short if you plan for it.
And I thank God for making me alive.