There goes a lady
A lady with passion, down went
To the city of gold
Forgetting the children behind

There goes the lady with
Shinny hair, high hilled shoes
Pretty brown gown
She had red lips, pink cheeks

Down to the city
Shaking her body
Walking tall
Flat stomach, tip-toes
Smelling very good

There she goes forgetting her
New born baby girl only
three months old,having no_one to
Stay with, she smiled,a crocked smile
Left the lady to the city

The baby stayed with
The father
She had red eye’s open
She cried but the mother
Was heartless to feel pain

She had earplugs to
Block the sound
She couldn’t feel the pain
Hear the sound of the child
She only heard music

Having a mother is nothing
Nothing that can help you
Nothing can motivate you

The baby stayed with the father
She needed milk to be fed
She was given milk from cow’s

Down went the lady
She never looked back
There she went

She had no conscious
Left the lady
Forgetting her children
There she goes
Running to the city
Hoping for gold