I have been a victim of misrepresentation
Since Non-Africans invaded the system of my body.
I fought so hard.
You viewed me as a lesser animal with no past,
No history, no wisdom –
Lies and illusions, I never give up though.
You invaded me without my consent.
I am Africa the one you claim lacks philosophy.
Allow me to introduce myself,
Since you’ve never bothered to ask during your invasion…
I am Africa the birthplace of mathematics and science
Egypt is one of the parts of my body that specialized in mathematics
and science at the time.
I truly recognized the classical Greek philosophy,
The classical Greek philosophers such as Thales and Pythagoras –
These are my former students,
These are Africa alumnus,
I call them Western philosophers.
Thales is regarded as the first philosopher in the world,
He visited me, Africa, to learn practical geometry.
Thales’ philosophy views the world in terms of mathematics.
Pythagoras leant a lot from Thales,
He, Pythagoras, visited me, Africa to learn geometry
Because, I was a centre of learning at the time.
Pythagoras’ philosophy argues that the structure of the universe
Can be explained in mathematical terms.
I salute them, for they spread this philosophy throughout Western countries
For they travelled from Greece only to learn from me, Africa.
Mathematics and science was the reason for their visit

You were not born yet at the time
Today, you view me as a lesser animal with no philosophy.
Yet, you use my philosophy and claim it as yours
How selfish! You thieves!
Masters of plagiarism!
I am the source of this philosophy,
I am Africa the birthplace of mathematics and science,
I am Africa the motherland of philosophy,
I represent the birth of philosophy,
Salute Africa,