Just because I don’t broadcast my life to the public like the media does not mean that my life is not bright like the sunrise in November.

Just because my mouth is too shy to voice out the blessing that God has showered in my life does not mean that my life is full of scars.

Just because my life is not well-cemented with riches and gold that people spend sleepless days and nights chasing does not mean that my future is also poor.

Just because my love life does not resemble the love of God does not mean that I cannot water my wife with a genuine love.

Just because I didn’t go far with my education when I had a chance to see value with the teachers does not mean that being illiterate is all that I see in my life.

Just because I don’t sing about the achievements that God has invited in my life does not mean that I am the definition of a failure.

Like Jesus Christ who came on earth humbly to die for our sins, I am nothing before the earth to boast about my life journey