The fact that you make relent
And I despise it when you give me a hand
Even though you don’t understand
the little fraction
of my every action
Yet you always leave me so confused
But giving up is what I have refused
Because you are like an incomplete puzzle
Which, when complete, will leave me dazzled
You are like an unsolvable equation
With a method written in Asian

Before you came I was not the same
I had a heart so bitter but you made it glitter
You’ve got me
Wishing on stars
Believing in charms
And dreaming of your arms

I see that you have a good intention
But some people may doubt your expression

I hope that you won’t be deceived by the people in which you believe
Hence open your eyes
Don’t be blind
True love is not easy to find
Because it’s something rare
Sometimes it’s disguised as a sweet dream
Sometimes a pretty nightmare
Beware, you could be stuck
In a state, even you can’t pluck
But I promise to always be your charm of good luck