The world seems bleak,
Last night I wanted to drink bleach,
I’m on a tight leash and the one I’m with looks like a leech,
I heard you moved out of town and you found another ntombi,
You’re doing better than I expected and I’m not better as I intended,
You were the one who was always crying and I didn’t care
But now it feels like I’m dying but you couldn’t care less,
I was so careless with your heart,
You gave it to me and I gave it back in stitches,
Your love is the one that teaches,
I always missed the classes,
I was blind but now I’ve got glasses,
And I’m so insecure I really need a cure for this heartbreak,
My heart breaks every time I think about the pain that I inflicted,
Now the hurt that I’ve got is self-inflected,
Self-proclaimed player, now I need some coaching on how to tackle these obstacles,
I remember you used to put me in your prayers,
Now I worship the ground you walk on,
I feel restless, without you I’m useless,
I just need to do something useful and crying for you is pointless,
Let me get to the point and the point is pointless,
But honestly I cry for you like you used to cry for me.