She does need to hold a candlelight,
in the mist of darkness to see.
She is cleansed of all that is wicked.
Her spirit is divine she does not revoke.
Her skin remains pale,
She trembles at the delight caressing of a touch.
With what escape is there? for she follows in sight.
She stands tall and fearless.
She is feminine.
She is bright to dull clothing.
She prospers by heart not by paper.
Her smile brings tranquillity.
Her touch soothes the pain.
She is not the curtain of light, she is not shady.
She is kind she bear’s all worry.
She is patience, she stands by her morals and beliefs.
She is a lady, not a temptress.
She is not a maiden but she is a treasure.
She carries art, she is perfection.
She shows her light to the darkest souls,
because she cares.
She is who she Is.