How does she feel about weddings?

I don’t like weddings, why would I want to go and watch other people step into other level of happiness while I’m stuck with Mr Wrong, whom I cannot leave because I’m drunk and stupidly in love with, I don’t feel I deserve to celebrate any moment of happiness.

How does she feel about funerals?

you see that’s a place I need to be because I will never know how many funerals are left for me to attend before Mr Wrong follows to his own grave. That one needs to die soon. ..Funerals are the best.

How does she feel about tombstone unveiling?

I need to attend those a little bit more often than I do, I need to know which rock or rather stone will I use to make sure Mr Wrong dives straight into his grave before he breaks more hearts.

How does she feel about prison?

I’ve never been to one but it’s starting to feel like home, I don’t care if I get bullied or raped in that place but as long as Mr ain’t out there breaking hearts.

How does she feel about reality?

Ohh snap, I’m still with Mr wrong, he isn’t dead!! I’m still not attending weddings, funerals or even tombstones. I don’t even go to the nearest shop because Mr Wrong has beaten up my dignity and ego…. They are both bruised and torn apart by this emotionally abusive guy!!

How does she feel about Mr Wrong now?

Oh that one, he’s out there probably breaking other hearts… He’s probably attending tombstone unveiling, planning what rock or rather stone he will use to land his next victim into a grave, since beating them up doesn’t help – it just lands him in prison. He swore he is now going to attend weddings, especially mine, because he cannot believe that I am stepping into another level of happiness.