Birds of the African skies,
Hauls of the dungeons
Holocaust, rose to whisper
Songs of praise to the shoulders
Of the heavy,

Carrying tracks of freedom
Cherished by the seldom
Fighting through bitter wars
Of shame and deceit,

Like a nail sucked by laws
Through pits of woods
To reach destiny,

Soothing colours of rose
Charging love upon the
Vivid reviving the deceased
From shadows of the intruder
Shuddering heads of the lost
Standing ajar.

Heroes of our nation, mothers
Of our domination, leeches
Of righteousness, you are
Rays of light

Conquering forth fields of
Darkness you are hands of
Heal whimpering forth sights
Of the weeping

Falling and rising through
Through valleys of thorns
Just to gaze through other
Sides of the life-to-come.