I just want to tell you this:
I just need you,
I just need you for cuddling.

You don’t know what you mean to me.
I just want me and you,
Just sharing sigh for love linen.

My fear is to call it “LOVE”
I know I am imperfect,
But my desire is to tell you,
I really love you.

I don’t want you to cry alone,
I just heard your irresistible voice
Over the phone,
I just want to tell you even if
Sun fall upon mountain,
I still love you.

I won’t break you
Every time I close my mouth,
I always hear your name
Spitting out of my mouth,
Every time I shut my eyes,
I hold myself seeing you.
My mind leaves me
For finding my heart inside lost me.

My soul dances in rejoicing
When I scroll through your pictures
Remember I may not be first to love you
But my wish is to be the last to love you,
Of course it’s my first time feeling this feeling.
Ooh, I cry when I miss you,
I turn and toss when I see you in imagination.

My heart jumps heartbeats when I see your smile.
I don’t believe that this is reality,
Please make me believe that reality.
If love is a heartbeat
I will not stop,
Except if not I am no longer living.