Hello, New Year!
I have been waiting for your arrival.
I no longer have fear
Now that I’ve seen a signal.
I hope you’ve brought along joy and laughter
I hope you saw how your siblings behaved –
They came and left behind slaughter.
I want to smile but I can’t,
My heart is now used to hurt and disappointment.
Show me what you brought with you,
Give me a sample of what you’ve brought along…

I do not doubt you, 2013.
But I can’t trust you just yet.
I trusted 2012 too much,
But he only came and devoured all I had.
I am ‘Job’ right now.
I am kneeling down before the Almighty,
Speaking to him right.
Why would I blame Him?
2012 is the one to blame…

Welcome Oh New Year
Welcome to my desolate palace.
Do what I say or end up like 2012 –
Deep in the furnace.
Make a good way for 2014,
So that it will bring along his brother, 2015.
Welcome New Year!